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Why A Single, Child-Free Person Should Make A Legally Binding Will

CNN reported that there was quite the uproar when music superstar Prince passed away in April 2016 without leaving a will for his estate that is worth millions. While most people don't have such complicated estates, it's important for everyone to consult a wills attorney and make plans for what they want to happen to their possessions and property when they pass away someday. If you're a single, child-free person, it may seem like that tradition doesn't apply to you, but here's why making a will isn't just for the elderly and people who have dependents.

Opportunity to Control Your Own Things

If you pass away unexpectedly without having a will, you will have no control over what happens to all of your stuff. If your closest living relative is someone you would never want controlling your stuff, that's too bad unless you have a will that specifically states what your wishes are. When you don't have children, that next-of-kin could be a sibling, parent, or even a cousin. Having a will allows you to instead control exactly where you want every last penny and possession to go.

Last Chance to Express Love

While it's best to express your love and affinity for friends and family members while you are here, a will is the chance to plan your final acts of love that can be expressed after you are gone. It's the chance to be able to know that you are leaving an expression of love for those you leave behind, whether you express that love with a gift, a note for them in the will, or both. If you are single and relying on your close friends for support, remembering them in this way can be an especially meaningful gift.

Protection of Your Pets

One thing that people often do in their will is to provide stipulations for the care of their pets. While you can discuss your wishes for your pet with close loved ones, having them specified in a legal will is important to make sure your wishes are carried out. Your lawyer can help you specify how much money should be set aside for your pet and how to ensure that the right person is granted ownership of your animal companion.

Legally Binding Opinion in a Contract

Some people have scribbled wills down on napkins or notebook paper, expressing their thoughts and wanting to get them out of their mind as quickly as possible. This won't cut it in many states, and The Washington Post explains that a will must meet the legal requirements of your state. According to The New York Times, it's best to seek the help of an attorney who can guide you on the proper procedures for making a will.

Finally, keep in mind that there are many other reasons that you may want to consider making a legally binding will. Only you know what's best for your unique situation, but you should schedule a talk with a wills attorney to help you decide what you truly want to have happen to your worldly goods someday.

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