How Workplace Pay Discrimination Occurs Under Job Classification Systems

Employees who work for a company might wear a variety of hats, and the responsibilities they must fulfill can deviate from the job description they were originally hired for. However, job classification is an important concept when combating workplace discrimination. Salary is often attached to particular job classification. Unfortunately, some employers will use how they classify their employees as a way to discriminate. Employers Who Rely on Job Classification The employers who are the most likely to use job classifications are government, education, and non-profit organizations.

Tips For Dealing With Pregnancy And Maternity Leave In The Workplace

Becoming pregnant is a major life milestone every time it happens for a woman. You may be thrilled at the good news and excited to share your good fortune with others. While you may have many coworkers who will be supportive of you, some employers may not always be as happy about your pregnancy as you are. Luckily for you though, the law is almost always on your side in cases like this.

Why You Should Create A Living Trust

You might have heard about living trusts before but if you do not already have one of your own, you might not be overly familiar with the benefits of having this type of estate planning. To help you see just how important a living trust is, you will want to continue reading. Your Assets Still Benefit You Many people find that they are fearful of a living trust because they are under the impression that their assets will no longer benefit them during their lifetime.

Some Probate Issues That Will Require A Lawyer

Dealing with a loved one's estate after they pass away is never an easy thing to do emotionally. If you are lucky, the whole process will be simple, and you can handle it quickly, efficiently, and without any outside help. However, there are times when an experienced probate lawyer will be required if you want everything taken care of quickly and fairly. If you find you have one of the following situations, it would be best to contact an attorney from the get-go to save yourself some unnecessary emotional trauma.

Your First Business Mediation: What to Do

As a small business owner having legal problems with a vendor or another company, the idea of paying for an expensive trial process can seem frightening. Luckily, if you and the other side agree, you can instead go through a business mediation process. In such a case, the mediator will hear from both sides and help you work toward a solution. In order to have a mediation that works for you and the opposing party, adhere to the advice below.

Why A Single, Child-Free Person Should Make A Legally Binding Will

CNN reported that there was quite the uproar when music superstar Prince passed away in April 2016 without leaving a will for his estate that is worth millions. While most people don't have such complicated estates, it's important for everyone to consult a wills attorney and make plans for what they want to happen to their possessions and property when they pass away someday. If you're a single, child-free person, it may seem like that tradition doesn't apply to you, but here's why making a will isn't just for the elderly and people who have dependents.

Considering A Merger Or Buyout For Your Small Business? What To Know First

If someone has approached you to merge your small business, or for you to join their company, there are a lot of things you want to consider. There are a lot of risks financially and personally when you do this, so you want to make sure that it makes sense. Here are a few things you'll want to consider doing before you start the process or before you commit to any deals with another company.

Inventor Basics: 4 Tips For Obtaining A Patent

The easiest part of inventing a new product is coming up with the idea. Once you have a solid idea for a new and innovative product, you'll encounter the hard part: protecting it. Fortunately, you can use a patent or a provisional patent to help protect your idea from being stolen or used elsewhere. While obtaining a patent is difficult, you can make it easier with these four tips: 1. Ensure Your Idea is Truly Original

Working At An Indian Casino Opens Up A Can Of Labor-Related Worms

If you're considering working at an Indian casino on a reservation, double-check the status of your labor rights. While many tribes are very friendly toward unions and try to treat their employees (both Indian and non-Indian) well, the issue of sovereignty can make figuring out your rights difficult. If you were to find yourself in a labor dispute, the normal mechanisms that you would use to solve the dispute might not be available to you.