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How Workplace Pay Discrimination Occurs Under Job Classification Systems

Employees who work for a company might wear a variety of hats, and the responsibilities they must fulfill can deviate from the job description they were originally hired for. However, job classification is an important concept when combating workplace discrimination. Salary is often attached to particular job classification. Unfortunately, some employers will use how they classify their employees as a way to discriminate.

Employers Who Rely on Job Classification

The employers who are the most likely to use job classifications are government, education, and non-profit organizations. When used properly, a job classification can help make sure that an employee is paid what they are owed for the type of work they perform. While most often used by large companies, even small companies will use informal job classifications. 

Denial of a Job Classification

You may notice that there are patterns in who might receive a particular job classification. For example, you might notice that only men receive a particular classification even when there are women who are performing the same job, have the same experience and have the same qualifications. If this is the case, you may want to speak with a workplace discrimination lawyer service that has experience handling cases in which you may be denied a position.

Broadband Pay Structures

Employers will sometimes want to increase pay and encourage advancement without the need to promote employees to managerial positions. Under this system, there are fewer pay ranges and the pay ranges are broader. Under this pay structure, you will want to speak with an attorney about whether or not you are being paid adequately for your work.

The Korn Ferry System

Another way to determine pay is with a point system under the Korn Ferry system. This system will take into consideration the knowledge required to perform a job, the amount of problem-solving that is required, and the level of accountability. This system is most often used by large organizations and by companies that hire union workers. 

You may be concerned about how the points have been assigned to you and you may believe that there is an attempt to discriminate against employees who have the knowledge and problem-solving skills required to perform a job but are not being classified in the right way or are not being compensated appropriately. You will need to hire an attorney who is familiar with this system and who can help you determine whether legal action is necessary.

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